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Condoms, Sex Education, & Safe Sex - Friday 9/23/11 - Links Roundup



Hey ONE Condoms fans. Today is Friday and that means it’s time for our weekly Links Roundup. At ONE we are committed to bringing you the most up to date information with everything regarding safe sex, sex education, condom use, and condom fashion.

So without further ado, listed are the most recent topics in the world of sexual health.


Chinese condoms too small for South Africa

Accept the condom, love the condom

How to wear a condom

Decree threshold higher

Catholic Church coy on jail condoms

Sex at 14 - I learned all about it in class

Condoms and Other Survival Gear for R. Kelly’s Black and White V.I.P. Party

Sex in the church

Student Association approves free condom legislation

Hidden sex work, HIV risk in Dadaab

Would You Use Beads To Schedule Your Sex Life?

Selling’ condoms in the Congo

Sex Education

Sex ed, parental rights debated at hearing

DC Students To Be Tested On Sex Education

HPV, sex education and a debate that’s not going away

Rejected comprehensive sex ed grants would have gone to struggling counties

Sex education will NOT be taught to children as young as five

More Schools Choose to Teach Abstinence-Plus

Talking sex with your kids

Health center brings sex education to campus

Safe Sex

Sex-Ed Boot Camp Video

Safe sex message vital, at right age

A safe haven for sex abuse survivors

Government of Canada Introduces the Safe Streets and Communities Act

Mormon Missionary Launches

Sexual health workshop to promote safe sex to over-60s

URI Health Services hosts health awareness event

The chilling reality of sex tourism

Time to Start Talking

Same-sex wedding survival guide

ONE Condoms supports your overall sexual well-being and wants to keep you healthy.

Friday 9/9/11 - Links Roundup - Safe Sex, Condoms & Sex Education


Happy Friday ONE condom admirers! At ONE, our goal is to keep you up to date on anything sex related this past week.  The following is a list of current events and news regarding safe sex, sex education, relationship advice, and condoms.

Here are some up to the minute stories to help keep you protected for the week of Sept. 5th and into the weekend. Stay tuned in every friday for more of the latest in sexual health news with ONE condoms.

Safe Sex

Viagra condom for longer erection, safe sex

Adult film industry must mandate safe sex

Op-Ed: The ugly truth about condoms and ‘safe sex’

Staff Editorial: Coming male birth control no substitute for safe sex life

Gay men can give blood later this year

Safe homes are Solano County’s goal

Schools adjust sexual assault policies for new federal guidelines

Parents’ role when teen starts dating

Sex abuse survivor speaks out against keeping secrets

100 Years Of Sex: San Francisco City Clinic Celebrates Safe Sex …


At Art Hop fashion show, jewelry has makes a statement

Porn industry blasts condom campaign

Porn’s New HIV Problem

Cost in abortion case ‘could pay for quarter of a million condoms’

Protecting Adolescent Girls from Unwanted Unprotected Sex

From Condoms to the Pill: Trust, Control and Violence

B Holding Group Teams Up With Greater Than AIDS for First Annual HBCU

Sex and chocolate: Utah kids know a lot about one, not the other

Sex Education

Sex Ed and More in the Sperm Donor Age

Stripper-Porn Star Allowed to Teach Sex Ed Again

China Sex Ed Dolls: Kindergarten Class Uses Realistic Dolls To Teach Sexual …

Parents to review faults in abstinence-only Austin LifeGuard sex ed program …

Rick Perry and educated sex

"Did you hear about Maci and Ryan? Whatever is going to happen to Brooke? Mansfield is so close! Farrah really shouldn’t be going out all the time.

These are just some of the characters on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and its spin-off “Teen Mom.” Gone are the stars’ carefree teenage years. Instead of graduating high school, these teens are getting enrolled in Parenthood 101. But never fear, MTV is here and ready to offer them all the glamour of a being a reality TV star.

We instinctively find ourselves drawn to the ridiculous dynamics of the relationships and the predictable arguments people always seem to have with one another on reality shows like “Teen Mom.” But the reality TV boom has fueled a creation of new attention seekers.

Rather than just affecting the participants’ lives, they’re leaving behind a generation more susceptible to repeating a cycle that is more than just unplanned pregnancy. It affects entire families as they handle the financial burdens of new babies. It’s a controversial social issue that causes us to question acceptable ways to deal with the situation. Do we congratulate the mother for her lack of safe sex practices? Do we show no empathy and turn a blind eye to the situation? Do we throw her a baby shower?

Even though these shows portray the hardships of being teenage parents, these difficulties haven’t deterred teens from getting pregnant. Teenagers are getting pregnant at an alarming rate—according to a 2006 report by the Guttmacher Institute, teen pregnancies are on the rise again. Texas ranks No. 5 in states with the highest teenage pregnancy rates following New Mexico, Mississippi, Arizona and Nevada.

We’ve essentially said it’s OK to bring someone else into the world before we even know how to survive on our own. These people say they want someone to need them, they want to dress up the baby and they want the cute and cuddly package. What they don’t realize is that this isn’t like a bad grade that you can bounce back from.

We’ve belittled the consequences of having a baby. We point to the past and say, “Look, they got married and had kids by the time they were our age, why can’t we?”

Why can’t we? Because gone are the days of the stereotypical breadwinners and the rarity of higher education. We should demand more of ourselves than mediocrity and scraping by.

These shows may be a dramatized version of the lives of teenage parents, but they still incorrectly project the idea that you can have it all. After having a kid, your life doesn’t go back to the state of normalcy you had before. Even those that choose to go with adoption still struggle with consequences of giving up their child. It doesn’t just go away. It is a part of your life forever. MTV, please grow up before these babies do.”

Description and inspiration by artist Joni Renee


Sex Ed Dolls Used in Chinese Kindergarten: is it too young?



Recently in China, certain kindergartens in Shanghai have been using supplemental materials to enhance their sex education programs. Young children around the age of 5 are learning about sex and the human body by playing with dolls that feature very life like genitalia.

The sex education dolls have drawn much criticism from many individuals in China and other countries internationally. Many concerns revolving around the dolls include the worry that this introduction of sexual knowledge is too early to children aged 5 years old. Is this too young to introduce children to the parts of the human body?

Despite these concerns, China a country with an estimated 13 million abortions in annually, one of the highest rates in the world, is grappling with how to effectively teach sexual education in schools. In 2009, 2/3 of adolescents in China had very limited sexual reproductive health knowledge. 22% of Chinese below the age of 18 had sex before marriage and of those more than 50% of them used no contraception during their first encounter. 46 % of American high schoolers, by comparison, had had sex before marriage and of those nearly 85% of them used contraception during their first encounter. Safe sex practices need to be communicated to the youth.

In addition to the sex ed dolls, China has introduced an experimental sex education program to youngsters aged as young as 6. The curriculum includes graphical depictions and descriptions of sex. We know that sex education is extremely important amongst the youth today as we’ve seen nearly 1,000 young people under the age of 16 diagnosed with STI’s , included in our last post.

Is this method of hands on interaction with dolls an appropriate way to teach sexual education to the youth or is this too young to start the discussion of proper contraception techniques including condom use to children? Let us know your thoughts on this controversial teaching practice used in China?

ONE Condoms supports proper sex education and mandatory condom use each and every time any type of sex occurs.