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Safe Sex: Choose Your Own Adventure Style!

Planned Parenthood LA reached out to me to promote their new tumblr AND their awesome video series created by their very own teen advocates! The videos are pretty funny and are also educational. Follow them here or check out their YouTube channel here


Sick of recent attacks on women’s health? Want to get hands-on training with Planned Parenthood to be an advocate for sexual and reproductive health? You’re in luck! Sign up online for the Youth Organizing & Policy Institute September 21-23 in Durham, NH! You can also see if there’s one closer to your area – they’re happening all across the country.

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I went to the health department in my county thinking I would be able to receive free birth control, and while the first two times were free (I'm on the shot) the last time was $71 and that was with a discount. My mother knows about it and went with me since I'm 17, and they base it off of my parents' income. The only problem is, I'm responsible for paying for it, and I can't afford it.. if I went to Planned Parenthood would I be able to get it for free even if my mom went with me?

A question by Anonymous

Every Planned Parenthood is slightly different and their fees will vary from state to state, but as far as I know whatever they charge for birth control (which should be much less than $71) will not have anything to do with your parents financial information. Planned Parenthood is confidential and only bases their info on you. My recommendation would be to call up your local Planned Parenthood and find out the specifics of their pricing and confirm their confidentiality. This is PP’s link to birth control. Hope this helps! 

Why Pro-Choice Legislation IS Pro-Life


There are some good points made here. My issue is that IN ADDITION to birth control being validly medically beneficial to many of those who use it (with respect to cramps, endometriosis, acne etc) it is equally important to acknowledge that people taking birth control are also taking it because they want to have sex and be in control of whether or not they become pregnant. I feel like this is the controlling issue that continues to be ignored in most conversations regarding birth control/contraceptives. The issue is that contraceptives represent the fact that people with vaginas have a sexuality and that sexuality is perceived to be a threat to a certain set of beliefs. It is based on the notion that if someone has a uterus, it should be used for the sole purpose of procreation, not pleasure, not intimacy, and most certainly not for an orgasm. These ideals are misogynistic, particularly with regard to the fact that it has become and continues to be a politicized issue. Christians (as do every other sect of faith) have every right to believe and hold to those beliefs in whatever capacity they would like - but to then translate those beliefs and personal morals into legislation that would effect millions of people who do not share that same belief is unconstitutional. I respect what the OP on the FB thread was saying - that is great that you consider two people having sex “make a beast with two backs” and that “children [are] what is supposed to happen when two people have sex” - although I vehemently disagree with you and will never incorporate those beliefs into my own personal life, I respect your right to think those things. However, I cannot respect them becoming the law or infringing upon my right to live and fulfill my own personal beliefs as well. The government should not be taking a religious/moral position on the sex and sexuality of the citizens it “governs” - plain and simple. If it does anything at all is should be to provide resources, comprehensive sex education and fund programs that will help prevent unplanned pregnancy, contraction of STD’s and lower abortion rates. If you have a problem with these programs, these neutral non-religious programs, then don’t send your children to public school. 

Your First Pelvic Exam: A Guide

If anyone has never had a pelvic exam before or has never had a pelvic exam for STD’s. this is a step by step guide for what to expect, how to prepare and what questions you might want to ask! Created by the awesomeness that is Planned Parenthood! 

Friday 9/9/11 - Links Roundup - Safe Sex, Condoms & Sex Education


Happy Friday ONE condom admirers! At ONE, our goal is to keep you up to date on anything sex related this past week.  The following is a list of current events and news regarding safe sex, sex education, relationship advice, and condoms.

Here are some up to the minute stories to help keep you protected for the week of Sept. 5th and into the weekend. Stay tuned in every friday for more of the latest in sexual health news with ONE condoms.

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