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From Sociological Images:


In this 10-minute video, Cindy Gallop argues that young men are getting a false sex education from pornography. The average age that kids first view porn is 11-years-old and, by the time that boys are men, they have learned to imitate the kind of sex that they see in pornography. She argues that this effect — the way that porn is shaping our actual sexual behavior — is the greatest impact of technology on human behavior. Period.

Not opposed to porn, Gallop nevertheless believes that we need a counterpoint to porn so that we get a more diverse set of messages about sexuality (not dissimilar to the argument I make about hook up culture).

In service of her message, Gallop also has a TED Talka short book, and a website, Make Love Not Porn, with some great content.


That awkward moment when you’re watching porn and realize the last thing anyone making the video is concerned with is actual female pleasure. 

 This is fantastic, true and completely supports my argument for a better, fully developed sex education program. MUST WATCH!

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      For those of you who have not watched my vvadmissions, I have confessed to being primarily educated my porn when I was...
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      There are forms of both more positive and feminist pornography, but it’s often not talked about enough.
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      "More blowjobs, less world wars."
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