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Menstrual Cups and Cloth Pads


Since someone asked where they could get a diva cup I figured I’d write a post on Menstrual Cups and Cloth Pads and tell you a little bit about them and wear to find them.

Menstrual Cups are little silicone cups that you use much like tampons. You insert it into the vagina and it will catch all the blood. You then take it out, empty it, clean it, and reuse it. It can be kind of messy, especially at first. Like tampons, there is a learning curve with how to insert it and for some people it may be uncomfortable. You just have to try it out and see! It is more eco friendly and safe for you.

Diva Cup is the main brand. To find a store in your area or to buy online, here’s the website! 

Another brand, Softcup. Also includes store locator and a buy online feature!

The Keeper/Mooncup

Lunette. Site also sells GladRags cloth pads


Lunapads. Awesome brand with some really beautiful pads!

Here’s a Site that has comprehensive information about cloth pads. There is a link to various brands and types at the bottom of the page

Here’s a site that includes patterns on how to make your own cloth pads!

You can also find cloth pads on sites like Etsy that you can buy from people who make your own, although it’s understandable if you want to buy from an actual company or make your own.

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