UVM Fraternity Questionnaire Asks Who Frat Brothers Would Rape, Sparks Outrage


Today, a questionnaire has been roaming around the interwebs that originated from fraternity brothers at Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Vermont. Check out Sarah’s post about the incident on the SAFER blog.

SAFER was sent a copy of the questionnaire, which mostly consists of benign questions like name, birthday major, amount of time with SigEp and favorite SigEp memories, hobbies, future goals, and so on. But the last question is causing some outrage: “If you could rape someone, who would it be?”

This petition was started last night by “Feminists from UVM” and already has nearly 500 signatures. The petition description says the following:

This egregious expression of rape culture is only the most recent example of systemic sexism at UVM. The past year alone has witnessed rape, multiple sexual assaults, and anti-abortion chalking in public spaces. While the university administration has laid off long-time Women’s and Gender Studies faculty and supported sexist institutions like Sigma Phi Epsilon, it has refused to take concerted action to combat sexism and rape culture. We demand that instead of diverting resources into vast salaries for its administrators, UVM should launch an aggressive campaign against sexism and rape culture, and it should expand institutions such as Women’s and Gender Studies and the Women’s Center at UVM. Furthermore, UVM must immediately disband Sigma Phi Epsilon. An institution that discusses who it wants to rape has no place at UVM or in the Burlington community.

Sign the UVM petition and look for updates over at FedUp Vermont, a local grassroots feminist organization.

(Source: The SAFER Blog)

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    Disgusting and scary considering I know quite a few people who go there. Get your fucking act together, frat boys.
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