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Another great video about addressing our secrets and about living with herpes! 

You have probably already seen this, but I wanted to recommend a video some of your followers may benefit from. It doesnt allow me to post links in the ask button, but the clip I am suggesting is from a TedTalk by Kirsty Spraggon about living with herpes and the weight of secrecy! Enjoy!

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Just watched it! Will post an external link - thanks for sharing this! 

I cant even articulate to you how much I look up to you as a source of inspiration.

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Comedian Hari Kondabolu on David Letterman (x)

What’s this tolerance business?

Tolerance also proliferates the US vs THEM trope of social identity. It suggests the larger, hegemonic “we” is merely tolerant of the ‘other’ which does nothing to trouble notions of identity entirely. 

“ You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will. ”

—    Stephen King (via soulist-aurora)

“ There is a thing inside of you and me so insidious that it conspires to make us think the very worst things — about yourself, about other people, about the world. That we are alone. That we are unloved and unlovable. That we are doomed and irredeemable and that this thing pressing down on the scale will some day press down so hard we’ll simply collapse downwards forever.

It is not true but FUCK if it isn’t easy to forget that sometimes. ”