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Woah, you are incredibly gorgeous

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why thank you :) 

have you ever used a website like positivesingles or a dating site for people with STis?

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Personally, I have not. But I know many other folks who have! Any of you out there? What was your experience like? 



Images from Refinery29’s feature, “real people who are changing what ‘beautiful’ means.” —

In it, I discuss being feminine on purpose, how beauty can allow us to express and adorn ourselves while also trapping us when pressured to fit an elusive mold.

Hair by Andrew Fitzsimons; makeup by Wendi Miyake. Photography by Kristiina Wilson.


Loving the phrase “feminine on purpose.”

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Vivian Fu

Born in Los Angeles, CA.
Currently lives in San Francisco, CA.

From her As I Am Interview:
Asian bodies, particularly the bodies of Asian women, are almost always depicted as being for the visual and sexual consumption of others… I’m tired of dealing with those types of ideas that people have, and in some way, photography is my way of processing through all that.

From her Le Sigh Interview on what inspires her:
Conversations with other artists (or other people in general) - Talking to other people is a really big inspiration/influence. From conversations I’m having with people, sometimes they’ll ask me a question or they’ll say something I’d just sincerely never thought of, which prompts me to sometimes try my hand at other things. For example, my friend Elle Perez recently asked me why I’m so interested in photobooths, and nobody had ever asked me that before. After that, I thought about it more and decided I wanted to be a little more focused and intentional with photobooth work.

i really love this/her

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Exchanging Blame for Treatment


But just because we can control a lot of what we do for our health, that doesn’t mean that we can control our health itself. And all of this takes a much darker turn when we start to look at people who are sick and wonder what they did “wrong.” 

OMG! The SF LBGT center is hiring a Community Programs Director and I want the job so bad I can’t even write the cover letter :( 




     “My family is from Eritrea, and I’m really interested in going back and working there.”
     “What do you like the most about Eritrea?”
     “I like the people because they are very humble, sweet and dignified. They work really hard, and they don’t experience the same social inequalities that exist in this country. They are a lot more united than the people here. I feel that the warmth is missing here. The thread that weaves this country together is money, not meeting people’s needs.”
     “Why do you think Eritreans are more united?”
     “I think African culture has always been more communalist. People live in close proximity to each other, and you are raised by your village. You can’t afford to be individualistic in a society that doesn’t have much, so the village or commune shares a water well. Individualism kind of sprouted out in Europe.  When Europeans started extracting resources from Africa and elsewhere, they were able to build a society in which people had more. Africans have never taken resources in abundance from other countries in the same way. I think the whole theory of development came from the West. What is developed? Exploiting the Earth? That’s degenerative. The term development is relative and is defined within a Western framework.”

Homegirl started off lowkey and sweet and went straight for the jugular. I love her. 

omg yaaaaasss! As I read on, I got more and more excited like yes, boo, slay those Western imperialist/colonist ideologies, fuck ‘em up!

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I recently got diagnosed with Chlamydia after visiting my doctor for regular testing and lab-work, and when I told one of my sexual partners about it, he flipped out on me, cursed me out, called me every horrible name, and said he didn't ever want to see, speak, or hear from me again - even after explaining that I didn't know I had it and didn't have any symptoms at all to know. I feel horrible knowing I could have potentially infected someone and that this guy hates my guts now because of it.

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Hey there! Thanks for sharing. You know, I’ve had chlamydia too - its a very common and curable STI. Although people’s feelings are valid, this person sounds kind of like a douche bag. If you’re going to be having sex, you’ve also got to understand that the potential of coming into contact with bacteria and viruses is also possible. This takes maturity, understanding, and compassion, which sounds like they were all devoid of this person’s reaction. Please don’t beat yourself up - you didn’t do anything on purpose, nothing was out of malice. You simply happened to have a momentary bodily relationship with chlamydia - which says NOTHING about your character because its just a bacteria, like any other bacteria that affects any other part of the body. If he hates your guts over something like this, I feel sorry for him.